Change Is The Only Constant


I admit, I haven't been as dedicated to consistently keep up with my blog the past couple months. A mixture of rapid growth too fast to actually sit down and chronicle and an almost unhealthy fear of offending people with my very often blunt and straightforward thoughts have kept it such. But, I have, unsurprisingly for someone who values growth, amassed quite a bit of insight and perspective and a deeper understanding of my world and those around me. 

In the beginning when I first started this blog, I believed it was appropriate that I commit to having only original ideas from myself. I now realize that's a little self-centered. People inspire me all the time as it should be. Creativity is not from a lone island of a person. It happens when ideas and experiences come together to open one's mind. And in that sense I'm going start including debates I have on Facebook, or thoughts I have on articles I found or important videos to take note. Infusing this blog with more sources of its content than before.

I also realized I need to share more. I need to voice my opinions more. I need to not be so afraid being politically correct or polite or not hurting people's feelings. Sometimes the truth is real. And real isn't always sunshine and rainbows. Reality can be very stark as much as it can be uplifting. 

So, in the interest of sharing ideas with the world, and in the spirit of more balance and more real, here goes!