Taking My Power Back

As a woman in the entertainment industry I've thought about equality and what that means more than I have ever before. I'm learning how to keep my dignity and integrity intact. To be true to myself even in times when I'm vulnerable, when there's a lot more at stake than I might care to admit, or when a situation smacks me right in the face and I don't know how to respond.

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The Ugly Head That Rears: Jealousy

I've come across something that I hadn't had to deal with in a really long time. The tale-tell signs are there. The lack of genuine support. The insincere compliments. The acting overly happy to compensate for something. Acting overly gracious to again compensate for something. The seemingly out-of-the-blue and weird undertones of competition. A subtle underplaying of someone else's achievements, the back-handed compliments, the back-handed insults, the nit-picky criticism disguised as "being real." It's all there. It's even harder to see it for what it is when the person knows people skills and doesn't like to look bad.  And yet, the pattern is always the same. And most of all, my gut tells me something is really off. When you step back to really observe from a detached perspective, it's hard to miss. 

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What Better Thing Than Love

When a guy looks at you and goes, "You're like a princess. You're gorgeous, intelligent, and fragile, but you're also very strong, even though you don't fully know it. You're going to make someone incredibly happy one day."

What do you even say to that? It doesn't matter. Because you know what? You shouldn't settle for anything less in love. But how does one even begin to start looking for something like that? You start here.

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The First One


So, I guess I should start with an introduction. I'm Ariel. And I act. I guess it stems from the fact that I'm an empath, and I'm naturally highly sensitive to the emotional lives and energies around me. And I'm incredibly curious about the human mind. I have this need to get to know people intimately. I want to know what shakes their soul and keeps them going. As Meryl Streep once said, I like to "plumb that mystery until everything is known" to me. Or at least something close to everything. I'm currently working towards making it a full time career.

In the meantime, I've found I have a lot of things I want to say. About life, about the human condition, in all its eccentricities. The ups, the downs, and everything in between. The betweens are the hardest for me. Fittingly as an empath, I tend to experience any given emotion to its fullest extent, so sometimes walking the line of the in-between can be tricky. I'm working on it. I'm still learning.

But, I digress. I've been tweaking and meditating over this project for a while now. Concerned about this or that and whatever else, and I realize something. 

None of that matters.

I just need to start writing. Because like I said. I have a lot to say. 

No set rules. No real boundaries. Just unbridled musings. So here goes. 

A special thanks to Alex and Vanessa. For sitting with me and helping me create the name nakedgrowth. I can't express enough how much I appreciate you two. Thank you for being the awesome women that you are. I couldn't have gotten here without you.